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Statute of the association E P E Z

Europäisches Projekt Entwicklungs Zentrum

(European Project Development Hub)

  • The association offers its members a network of international partners consisting of companies, associations, trade organizations, non-governmental organizations and individuals or legal entities.
  • The association deals with studies and research activities and representation of members and individuals or legal entities, as well as participation with expertise in various EU projects.
  • The association offers further development and training for its members.
  • The association sets up working groups between internal members and other members of the international network of partners to support digital innovation, digitization of processes and development of international relations and opportunities supported in various projects and specialized lectures, development of business and management policies (for example: in financial industry, infrastructure, social economy, business analysis, sustainable development and pollution, science and research, education).
  • The association supports administrative activities, including information and documentation for its members.
  • The association provides trade and business advice to members, for example in import – export and financial affairs, as well as advice on the development of national and international bilateral relations.
  • The association supports  the members in cultural and travel activities, especially for participation in international conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, demonstrations, business forums, as well as partnership missions and projects in the country and abroad.
  • The association can provide support to members by obtaining information, advising and developing international contracts and other legal services.
  • The association may provide information on European Union trade and industry standards.
  • The association is involved in establishing contact between the member companies and companies from Eastern European countries, or European Union, as well as other international companies and organizations.
  • The association is involved in obtaining the information and participates in educational activities on various topics, for example: technological innovation, economy, environment, medicine, social policies.
  • The association defends and upholds the human rights and respect for basic human values (respect for the dignity and integrity of the individual, respect for individual uniqueness, etc.) in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations (UN), the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (EU). The association also supports individuals and organizations that provides assistance in the field of assistance and development.
  • The association provides support in activities to represent women from different social backgrounds. Develop activities with and for them.
  • The association offers support in activities to represent young people from different school and university backgrounds. Develops activities with and for young people.
  • The association offers support in activities to represent people with disabilities from different social backgrounds. Develops activities with and for people with disabilities.