General information

The E P E Z Association from Austria was officially registered with the Styria State Police Directorate, the Department for the Establishment of Associates, with registration number 1628492669 from 27.02.2020.

The E P E Z Association from Austria was founded in 2020, by Paul Necșa and Vlad Vînătu as founding members.

The association is based in Graz and it expands its activities throughout Austria.

The EPEZ Association develops RDI research activities (research, development, innovation).

The EPEZ Association is involved in socio-cultural activities from theory to educational practice to achieve the transfer of innovation in the great cultural diversity of Europe by exploring the rich cultural benefits that in Europe is a unique advantage, here the methodology applied is a transfer of innovative practice.


Founding members E P E Z

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Paul Necșa, MSc Ec


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Vlad Vînătu, PhD Eng & Ec


We have brave vision!



European Union

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Why become a volunteer?
The EPEZ Association offers the possibility to accumulate a vast professional experience to individuals, legal entities or Non-Governmental Organizations in the management of various national or transnational projects in which the EPEZ Association is a partner.
We know that teamwork is not the strong point of all those who want to get involved, although involvement all the time will bring multiple benefits to an activity done by several people.
Top 3 benefits of a teamwork:
→ the project is completed much faster;
→ everyone involved can receive new knowledge and skills and learn what it means to help and be helped by the colleagues;
→ the end result of teamwork is much better than that one of the individual work.